The Color Giants Animation Expo is a festival of experimental animation, oddball cartoons and underground comic-related cinema. It’s been mainly presented in conjunction with the wonderful people at Comics Art Brooklyn, as a cinematic sidebar to that amazing event.

Co-curators, guests and speakers have included Frank Henenlotter, Mike Diana, Dame Darcy, Caitlin McGurk, Robyn Chapman, Lisa Hammer, Zev Deans, Cartuna, Travis Wood, the Brooklyn Horror Film Festival, KHLOARIS, Matthew Thurber, and Animation Nights New York. Animators and artists that have been shown included H.R. Giger, John Goras, Jen Deutrom, Nick Zedd, Sick Animation, Felix Colgrave, Cathy Aison, Anna Firth, Lilli Carré, James Mercer, Leah Shore, Rob Yulfo, Cool 3D World, Preston Spurlock, Justin Roiland, Yeon Sang-ho, and many more.

The festival has been briefly dormant, but will return to the earth soon.